About Product

‘Aastha’ is the Hindi word for faith that drives a human life. It is the force that empowers you and makes you go even when things appear ‘not so good’ on the surface. We all place our faith in different deities and places of worship. Our ‘Aastha Colour Collection’ has a large selection of these divine images and places. We carve them beautifully in pure 24kt Gold foil, effectively colour their distinct features and place them in artistic rosewood frames, they are certainly a sight to behold.

Essence of the ultimate reality, OM is said to be the primordial sound in Hinduism. It is said before starting any mantra, spiritual text or religious ceremonies. It is also used in Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

Delicately carved in pure 24kt Gold Foil/ Leaf, this divine word placed in a small size elite frame looks surreal and brings a celestial feel to the place. It also comes with a certification of purity of Gold Foil/ Leaf and lifetime non-tarnishing guarantee.

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