About Product

Embodying the collective energy of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Durga 'the invincible' was incarnated to slay the buffalo demon Mahishasura. An epitome of beauty and inner power, She takes a menacing form to defeat the enemies. Gracefully carved in pure 24kt Gold foil, this majestic idol has been placed aesthetically in an elite frame which has a vintage feel to it.

It also comes with a certification of purity of Gold foil and lifetime non-tarnishing guarantee.

Promising to be true to its name, ‘Elite Collection’ is one of our most sought-out collection. What makes it stand apart from the rest, is the fact that no matter what the size, the rosewood frame does not even have a single joint. Indeed, a tough feat, unmatched by anyone in the industry.

When the divine images are carved beautifully in pure 24kt Gold foil and placed in these ‘Elite Frames’, the effect is nothing less than transcendental.

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